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We are here now in a visible (and audible), complex dichotomy within Music, and these sections will become more and more technical, requiring constant reference to the Rhythm, Harmony, and Melody volumes. The final dichotomy of Intuition-Knowledge is easier reading.

Melody is essentially an Artistic product (in which human choice is involved),
     agreeable and accessible, the result of imagination, creativity, and inspiration,
          guided by human intuition, and found in the musical repertoire.
Development is essentially a Cosmic product (in which human choice is not involved),
     learned and interesting, the direct application of its own structure,
          available as knowledge and technique.
Intuitive operations will thus be associated with Melody, more YIN (%41%),
     and natural operations will be associated with Development, more Yang (%44%).


The word "monody" seems to be associated with Melody, whether it be accompanied or not, and
     the word "polyphony" seems to be associated with Development, especially when it is canonic.
          The word "homophony" is occasionally presented as the antonym of "polyphony",
               but it might be preferable to reserve another, more specific definition of it,
                    that of "note-against-note" harmony (or polyphony).


Despite the fact that Melo-Rhythm, Melo-Harmony, and Melo-Lines
          have been meticulously defined, and are of generative operation,
     a reasonably gifted person frequently composes acceptable melodies,
          without any knowledge of melodic structure, using uniquely artistic intuition
               for all the choices involved in the creation of a melody.
     NOTE that a perfectly composed song like Joy To The World
          has yet to be placed on the appropriate Melo-Harmony,
               despite the fact that its Melo-Rhythm and Melo-Lines are beyond reproach,
          which seems to indicate that the Melo-Rhythm and Melo-Lines
               are more intuitively accessible than the Melo-Harmony.
On the other hand, Natural Canons, as artistically valid as they may be,
     evolve without the slightest human, artistic intervention,
          using the Orbit Chains of the chosen Voice-Leading.
     Metamorphosis Sequences produce a series of chords,
          to which a chosen Voice-Leading must be added
               to produce the polyphony of Metamorphosis Chains.

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