Project Collaboration
Built on collaboration, MusicNovatory is a freely available, Internet-based project, that is born and developed from generations of scientific, artistic, technological, and financial contributions. Although many have contributed to what it is today, the project is still developing and many contributions are required to advance it, make it more accessible, as well as to operate and maintain it.

How to contribute
Everyone can support MusicNovatory in various ways, including:

  • Comments, Questions, and Suggestions, as well as by providing content and form elements, by first checking the MusicNovatory Comments & Questions (!&?) section and support, and by contactingemail support.

  • Financial supportto the MusicNovatory work and development, should be made toCosmos Square Inc.'s "Editions Consonance Publishing" division, the MusicNovatory hosting and management team. Accordingly, dedicatedPayPalaccount providing simple and secure support for multiple payment methods, including full support for common credit cards, has been setup and is directly accessible through the link just below:



We thank you for your contribution and support to MusicNovatory research, development, improvement and accessibility.