The presence of these dichotomies first came to our attention in the social aspect of "popular" music (for the people) and "classical" music for the elite (church, state, rich). This was later made more musically tangible in an aspect of Melody and Development, with which we originaly started this page. Then we gradually evolved to a more philosophical aspect of Intuition and Knowledge, for which we propose a complementary solution, at least for Music, at the very end. Finally we developed the concept of Muzikeco (the essence of Music) which presented a dichotomy with Performance in the definition of Music itself, and which we placed at the beginning of the page, after an introduction of two philosophical dichotomies, Yin-Yang and Art-Science (where Intuition-Knowledge really belongs). This might become a long "work-in-progress", very much like the scientific chapter of Quantification.

Table of Dichotomies

Face 1
     Feminine, personal, arbitrary
Art creates Languages, Dance
     using Intuition
Performance uses
     voices and instruments
Quantitative Dimensions
     Duration, Frequency, Volume, (+ Timbre)
Harmonic Origins-
     Rhythmic Harmony (Chromatic Modes)
     Melodic Harmony (Diatonic Modes)
          both with rhythmic structure
Harmonic Structures -
     The Swing
Harmonic Contents -
     Consequents - M4 and M6
          Fundamental Bass

Face 2
     Masculine, natural, unchangeable
Science discovers Methematics, Music
     producing Knowledge
Muzikeco is the essence of Music
     composed of Rhythm, Harmony, Melody
Qualitative Dimensions
     Alternation, Chrominicism, (- Timbre)
     Possibilities -
          Natural Canons
          Orbit Chains
          Metamorphosis Chains
Harmonic Origins-
     Free Harmony (free chromaticism)
     Diatonic Harmony (window diatonicism)
          both without rhythmic structure
Harmonic Structures -
     The Circle
Harmonic Contents -
     Antecedents - M3 and M7
          Orbit Lines

This is meant to be a Table of Contents
     with the YIN and YANG elements of each dichotomy,
               placed side by side in the left and right columns,
          offering an inkling of what the dichotomy is all about.
Feel free to take the various sections in any order,
     or merely to glance at the promising one(s).

Philosophical Dichotomies
Music Dichotomies
Melody and Development
Harmony Dichotomies
Rhythmic Containers
Cultural Habits
Intuition and Knowledge

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