Why do we need Quantification ?
In Music, nothing is more important
than placing the right thing
in the right place.

  • The "right place" is, of course, a question of Rhythm, with its Alternation of Beats and Off-beats.
  • The "right thing" is a question of Harmonic and Melodic movement and rest, and by Melodic we include the 3 facets of Melody (Melo-rhythm, Melo-harmony, and Melo-lines), Rhythm being aContainerand all the others (including Melo-rhythm) being Contents. One could compare Rhythm to a stable geographical map, showing only water (with its varying depth) and land (with its varying elevation), and all the otherDimensionsand parameters to a constantly changing political map, showing the location and borders of the space occupied by each country.
  • The best way of achieving the best "fit" of the "right thing in the right place" seems to be to measure, as accurately as possible, the degree of closing of each cell, which combines movement on the Off-beat with rest on the Beat (in all parameters), as well as the degree of opening of certain cells (in Melo-harmony and Melo-lines), and then to place this cell in an appropriate place in the Rhythmic structure, or possibly alter the parameters of the cell to suit its position in the Rhythm.
  • Before applying a precise set of values (numbers) to the specifics of any given parameter, there will be a long period of comparing, sometimes only 2 situations in a given parameter, to decide which of the 2 is more closing (or opening) and which less. There will be a great deal ofLockedTasting Polloperations, involving as many participants as possible.