Harmony/Transformations/Metamorphoses/Individual/No. 1

Metamorphosis 1 is usually presented closed, in the last form.
     The chord changes:
          - its direction;
          - the swing to which it belongs
               (1 fifth away - with the metamorphosed chord in the interior position);
          - but not its position in the series of fifths
               (the chord keeps the same FRAME);
          - the note which acts as Orbit 3 (the MOTRIX);
               (from the sixth to the seventh, or from the seventh to the sixth);
          - Orbit 0 and Orbit 1 replace each other,
               the note which was Orbit 0 becomes Orbit 1 (indicated 01) and
               the note which was Orbit 1 becomes Orbit 0 (indicated 10).

The Voice-leading-C Circle

If we apply Metamorphosis 1 to each of a succession of chords, they will all progress in the same direction, with the same kind of MOTRIX and eventually, after 7 chords, return to the original chord, producing what we call a "circle", with an exchange of Orbit 0 and Orbit 1 on each chord. This is the circle which we saw in the major mode and which we can now analyse and understand far better with the concept of Metamorphosis.

The Voice-leading for this Natural Canon circle is 3-2, 2-3, with 01-10 and 10-01 -
     3-2and 01-10 both descend in parallel motion, and
     2-3and 10-01 both remain in place.
          10-01is the real COMMON TONE, but
          2-3is a deceptive common tone which is not even in tune in Just Intonation.
The Primary Notes have been colored according to the last form of the chord
     because the COMMON TONE must always be next to the MOTRIX
          The Fundamental Bass is evidently included.

Exchange of Orbits 0 and 1
Do not be surprised to see the COMMON TONE of one chord (really 10)
on the same note as the PROPER TONE of the next chord (really 01).

New Options
The Voice-leading of these circles becomes clear with this orbit analysis
and this process enables us to apply other Voice-leading for circles,
not just the banal Voice-leading C which we have here,
with Orbit 2 procuring Orbit 3, 2-3.

The Voice-leading-A Circle

With Voice-leading A, the result is far more interesting and musically attractive.
     Line 1 (all fifths),
               the result of the Orbit line 1-0 (in this case 01-01) remaining in the same voice,
          is usually omitted, being incompatible with Line 3, the Fundamental Bass (all roots).
     Line 2 is a Natural 3-part Canon composed of the Orbit chain 3-2-10,
          which can be performed alone or with either of the other 2 lines (1 or 3).

The inversion of Orbit 1 and Orbit 0
     might confuse the identification of the Voice-leading:
The Voice-leading itself is clearly Voice-leading A with procuration 0-3.
     However, we are not dealing with an ordinary Orbit 0
          but with an original Orbit 1 which was transformed into an Orbit 0 (10),
               more precisely, with procuration 10-3.
The final result is quite similar to that which we had in the Swing
     with Voice-leading B and no Metamorphosis
          (a 3-part canon and an added different line).

The Voice-leading-B Circle

With Voice-leading B, the process is more delicate
     due to the difficulty of producing the required "V"-shape in the procuration of Orbit 3.
Two solutions are possible -

Make the jump of a sixth from Orbit 01 A up to Orbit 3 F (in the Soprano voice),
     feasible for one progression but difficult (not impossible) to repeat indefinitely, or

Insert a Substitution of Incompleteness10(3)
     possibly followed by Orbit 3 itself (C, B, first chord in the Tenor voice),
          which eliminates the need for the "V"-shape in the procuration of Orbit 3
               because everything now moves by step (between neighboring notes).
We have here a Natural Canon Orbit line 10 - 01 - 10(3)-3 - 2 which flows through the four voices,
     quite similar to the Voice-leading-C Swing, but affecting 4 voices instead of only 2.

Once again, the inversion of Orbit 1 and Orbit 0
     might confuse the identification of the Voice-leading.
The Voice-leading itself is clearly Voice-leading B with procuration 1-3.
     However, we are not dealing with an ordinary Orbit 1
          but with an original Orbit 0 which was transformed into an Orbit 1 (01))
               more precisely, with procuration 01-3.
The final result is quite similar to that which we had in the Swing
     with Voice-leading A and no Metamorphoses (a 4-part canon).

Attack the next two Metamorphoses are your own risk.
The safest thing is to come back later when Metamorphoses 1 and 4 will be well digested.