A metamorphosed chord does not have the same relationship
to the chord which precedes it as to the chord which follows it
(as a man does not have the same relationship to his father as he has to his son).
Any chord which does not return to the previous chord has been metamorphosed.
There are 4 forms of Metamorphosis and it is preferable, at first, to see them individually.
These metamorphoses are what allow a chord to move to another swing.


The term "Metamorphosis 0" will eventually be used
to indicate an absence of Metamorphosis,
(maintaining the same COMMON TONE, and remaining in the same swing).
The exclusive use of Metamorphosis 0 always produces a swing.
The exclusive use of Metamorphosis 1 always produces a circle.
The exclusive use of Metamorphoses 2, 3, and 4
can be seen in Orbit Line Dispositions.
What happens if we alternate Metamorphoses 0 and 1
in a harmonic sequence?
Will this produce swings, circles, both, or neither?
This is where we find out.