There are two Methods which lead to an understanding of music -
          Analysis and Generation (synthesis).
     They may seem to operate in opposite directions,
          and one might think that one has only to "run the reel backward" to produce the other.
     But this is not the case -
          They both lead to the same result, but by following different paths to get there.
If you are familiar with Academic Theory,
     you will have worked uniquely with Analysis,
          the only Method used in that form of Theory.
On the other hand, in the Rhythm and Harmony sections of MusicNovatory,
     you will have found mostly (almost uniquely) Generation,
          the Method which we find the most useful and productive.
Now, for the first time, we will use Analysis,
     but you will soon see that it operates quite differently from Academic Analysis
          because it has all the resources of Generation at its disposal.

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