Melody/Melo-Harmony/Basic Materials


In the strong modes, the Basic Materials are
     the Chord Pattern 4 (DOMINANT / TONIC).

This chord pattern is what we call a “harmonic entity”
     which comes to a harmonic “close”.
That does not necessarily mean that the whole melody will come to a close
     if other elements of the melody (like the Melo-Rhythm and the Melo-Lines)
          do not close at the same time and keep the melody “open”.
We will later see that all Melo-harmonic Entities and all complete chord patterns
     will end with Chord Pattern 4.
Here are a few examples based uniquely on this simple, basic pattern -
     The verse of Never On Sunday, 44 (See Pasting)
     Quando Quando, 44 (See Pasting)
     Chopin - Prelude in A major, 4444 (with Tenant Chords and Shadows near the end)

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