Applications/Pedagogy/Guided Tours/Exercise 2

Finding Level 0

For practice, as a test, try out the songs that you know in the following list, and write down
     the number of notes in the the pick-up of Level 0, and
     the number of notes in the first Off-beat of Level 0.


Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star= 0 + 2
Polly Put The Kettle On= 0 + 4
Red River Valley= 2 + 6


Some songs have small levels where the subdivision is ternary.
Since we are only looking for Level 0, which is always binary,
and not necessarily the structure of each level, there should be no major problem here.

Click on the name of the song to hear it and on the "A" for the Answer.
Mary Had A Little Lamb: = A
Carnival Of Venice: = A
Down In The Valley: = A
Skaters' Waltz: = A
For He's A Jolly Good Fellow: = A
On Top Of Old Smokey: = A
La Raspa: = A
La Cucaracha: = A
Polly Wolly Doodle: = A
Happy Birthday: = A
Dark Eyes: = A
Ta-ra-ra Boom Di-ay: = A
She'll be Comin' Round The Mountain: = A
Lara's Theme: = A
Silent Night: = A
Clementine: = A
The Shadow Of Your Smile: = A
Oh Come, All Ye Faithful: = A
Mexican Hat Dance: = A
Never On Sunday: = A
Auld Lang Syne: = A
Oh, When The Saints: = A
Quando, Quando: = A

Remember that finding Level 0 is the beginning of all analysis.
This applies to all music, folkloric, popular, classical,
and to the Harmony and Form as well as to the Melody.
Level 0is also extremely important in musical phrasing.

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