Harmony/Structure of Pitch/4 Forms of Harmony/Diatonic Harmony

Diatonic Harmony is the result of the imposition of the Window (from MELODY) on Free Harmony.
     As its name implies, it is diatonic  but still arhythmical (without discrimination of beats and off-beats).
          Having no place to "breathe" prevents it from being truly tonal.
     Its chords (being inside the Window) are of varied shape and strength.
          This is the Harmony used for many of the examples of Transformations
               because they can be advantageously demonstrated in this form of Harmony
                    (that of the Natural Canons).

1. In Voice-leading, see
     Voice-leading A Swing
     Voice-leading B Swing
     Voice-leading C Swing.

2. In Incompleteness, see
     Voice-leading A Swing without Orbit 3
     Voice-leading A Swing without Orbit 0
     Voice-leading B Swing without Orbit 0

3. In Metamorphoses, see
     Metamorphosis 2
     Metamorphosis 3
     2 Metamorphoses 4

4. In Chromaticism-Orbit 4, see
     Voice-leading A Swing on the DOMINANT
     Voice-leading A Swing on the TONIC